Goose Egg Trip

Nothing to report. Tough trip with the wind but squeezed in 5 hours yesterday and 3 hours this morning. Saw plenty of reds at LT but they were snooty!!! Hopefully will make it back down in April!

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Sux when you can see 'em, and no bites!

Thanks for your report!!

We’re you using your own baits?

Yes. I’m please with most of the colors. They do need to lay flat in the bag otherwise the tail gets warped and causes the lure run sideways.

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Still, pretty dang cool! Guess that’s why they have those trays in the packages for em these days…pfft lol

Goose eggs happen to all of us! …I should have mentioned that to the 2 new members too… hopefully they read here too

welcome to the club. We all lay an egg from time to time but better days ahead once the baits are in and the water starts warming.


Fatrat don’t lay eggs