Got a boat? Wanna catch some ass big redfish?

For the past couple of years me and a couple of my buddies have made annual trips in the middle of december to fish nearshore for the post-spawn adult reds and albies around Edisto. Fishing has always been productive in the past and we usually end the trip with a limit of seabass, a couple grouper, a handful of big reds, and at least a couple good shots at albies. I’ve stuck to the fly rod for most of the trips using sinking lines wearing out the seabass and late season blues, and the occassional red, but when bait fishing the action is nonstop. This year unfortunately beacause of conflicting schedules, we weren’t able to put anything together. If anyone has a bay boat and would be interested in hitting these fish, shoot me a PM. In the past we’ve waited for warm days with seas between 1-2ft so ill post if i see any promising days coming up. All i’ve got to offer is some gas money and a big school of adult bass, but if anyone’s cool with that let me know.