Got a new kayak obsession!!!

yesterday I noticed a bunch of decent size bait balls off of Litchfield beach. in hopes of hookin up on some cobia I set out in a friends “non-fishing” kayak. I brought along a medium heavy seven foot ugly stick lite paired with a Penn 550SSg and 15 lb. mono. I was castin a 1 oz neon yellow jig head with a 12 inch white curly tail grub. at my firsat bait ball I snagged 2 menhaden which were about 13-14 inches. they were monsters. second ball of bait I decided to bouncer it off the bottom and wham the line just started screamin off the reel pullin the kayak against the current pretty fast. it was about a 5 foot shark weighed about 30-40 pounds. next ball I went to, fish were just bustin it left and right. first cast right as it hits the water the line starts screemin off again. bout 50 yrds away I see a really nice probably 40-50 lb king jump and I think he hit the main line about the swivel with its tail or something. but I don’t know it could of just popped cuz it was a very clean cut. but either way, im goin to have to get a fishin kayak. that was so fun!

Cool story! Welcome to the world of kayak fishing…

What kinds of kayaks do yall use? Somethin that I could Tal offshore and launch from the boat. Somethin sturdy stable and not too expensive.

-gone fishin

its def not the most popular around but i have a sit in i found for about $320 or so. nothing fancy but its only 40lbs so easy to toss over 1 shoulder and carry, but ive had 0 trouble taking it up tailrace canal all the way to the dam from the ramp across from gilligans numerous times for the shad run and has worked very well inshore and in lakes/ponds. as for more abusive trips it handled fine in 2+ foot swells in lake moultrie when the wind picked up a couple times and does fine in the surf paddling baits out for sharks when handled properly. as for storage its easy to slip a tackle tray between the seat and hull and has a small storage compartment behind the seat along with 3 rod holders built in. i attached a cleat and 2 eyebolts on each side of the front for anchoring, tying off, stringers of shad/blue cats, tying on a crab trap, … and also made a redneck style camera mount ive had probably too much fun with lol. hope that helped some!

It all depends on your budget, you could get a field and stream kayak from dicks that will work well for ~$500 or get a fishing machine like a hobie but that will run you 1k+. Find your budget and you will find answers a lot quicker

Got just the kayak for you to take on your big boat

9Ft Malibu Stealth

let me know if you want to demo/paddle it

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