Got any musical recommendations?

I’ve found myself listening to a lot of bluesy stuff lately. I’m looking for some good recommendations to check out while I’m bogged down with paperwork.

Here’s a few samples of what’s been buzzing through my headphones

JJ Grey & Mofro - Lochloosa

JJ Grey & Mofro - Orange Blossoms

Patrick Sweany - Sleeping Bag

Sean Hayes - Alabama Chicken

Anyone got some good stuff they want to share?

just started listening to Joe Purdy. I also love Iron and Wine and the Avett Brothers

Redfish Baron Extraordinaire

chack out joe bonamassa.

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American aquarium and drive by truckers have been spinning a lot here. Also hard working Americans and Jason isbell.

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Most anything be Susan Boyle or Karen Carpenter! They have such pure voices! Karen was such a loss.


I enjoy these new artists: Buck owens, johnny cash, merle haggard, patsy cline

good older ones: hank williams sr, bill monroe

Somehow, Canon in D has become my favorite musical score. Not what you’d expect from someone who drives a camo painted pickup, but good music is good music.

Here’s a few other goodies.

Fur Elise done on wine glasses.

“Bloody Tears” on Piano (musical score from Castlevania video game series). This girl is seriously talented.

“One Winged Angel” orchestral arrangement, from Final Fantasy 7 (Playstation). Not relaxing in the least, but you metal heads would probably enjoy it despite the lack of electric guitars.

“One Winged Angel” wearing a full metal jacket:

And of course, the best TV intro theme song ever.

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If you like bluesy stuff, check out Gary Clark Jr:


Don’t Owe You a Thang:

Bright Lights:

When My Train Pulls In (Live):

Ryan Bingham gets an honorable mention:

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