Got boat and Poles...need instruction

A friend of mine wants to learn how to shrimp. He has a boat and can borrow my poles but has no idea what to do. Anyone that has some experience would be welcome…I don’t know what kind of boat he has. He can go day or night and you will not wear this guy down. I would do it but swore off shrimping several years ago.

Text or call me 843 532 0318


what area ya shrimpin in?,or plan on shrimpin?

You can’t catch fish on a dry line

He has a boat and no knowledge at all about shrimping…he can go anywhere in the Charleston area.


You do understand the poles have your lic.# on them you will have to be in the boat for him to use them! He will need his own poles with his lic. if not with another licensed person.

I don’t shrimp anymore, so there is no tags on my poles…but thanks. Actually found someone this morning, so all is good.