Got my soil sample back and

Need lots of lime.

Lower left corner says 4.2 tons per acre…lot higher than expected, but hey, I’m no farmer.

Sandy soil on the Fall Line near Wrens Ga. Oaks and pines mainly.

Will be checking with the man on pricing this week and see how much damage.

Hopefully can workout something for a single trip and do the fertilizer at same time. At bottom it says to split application of nitrogen.

Doing about 5 acres, split between two spots that have been cleared with rye that just came up…had to get something in the ground. Thinking about adding some winter wheat out with the rye, more so in the thinner areas where rye is not so thick.?.?

I know google, but what say y’all on timeline for lime being effective??

Want to plant a dove field next year about an acre I guess.

A lot spinning around in this thick noggin about what and when, lol.

Advice Always welcome!


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Liked seeing this, just out out Sunday.

I never put out more than 2 tons per acre of Hi Mag lime if it were me I’d spread 2 ton asap then 2 ton right before I planted

If mix alfalfa or clover in the plot you could cut back on the nitrogen

Fertilizer has gone sky high and is short supply so those rates are going to cost a lot per acre

I suspect lime is probably 35 a ton

If you have a county agent from the university they can usually give good advice for field crops

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Thanks, Bay. 4 plus tons per acre, I won’t be able to see the ground. I know, the sooner, the better.

At this point, I don’t see me planting alfalfa or clover. That could certainly change, tho.

As for lime, the more ya get, the cheaper it is. I will lookup Hi Mag, and certainly ask about it.

Supposed to meet what they refer to as a “Soil Scientist” there Friday for Perk Test. He bailed on me yesterday. Perhaps he knows, or can point me in the right direction…

Be on the lookout for the “Go Fund Me” fertilizer project.

Thanks very much,

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Plant you a little cash crop…

No lack of turkeys for Thanksgiving I see.

Maybe check with these people about bulk lime saw a blog where I guy was asking for a place to rent a spreader and buy bulk lime and he was referred to them

or they maybe able to refer you to a place that would help you

Yeah, go light on the herbicide!

Austrian winter peas work nice and oats are still relatively cheap for over wintering mixed with Purple top turnip. During January and Feb. they will hoof up the roots to eat if they dont’ get them all before hand. All my feed plots around the house have been decimated. But I’ve still got about 10 acres around work i planted in peas and turnips. I’ve not seen a field in the lowcountry that was not needing some lime. That’s why I figured your Blue Berries will do so good!

these were turnips that were about 14" high before they got wiped out

Appreciate all the input fella’s.

Bay, one of the guys on your list is who I got my seed and some lime from. He couldn’t help me out, but I have guy that’s gonna call me tomorrow and break the news to me, ouch! Used some lime from him in a bottom where big truck can’t get to. Also, I think I will only go with 2 tons per acre now, as you suggested. I think 4 plus will kill the rye, hopefully 2 don’t, and get the rest next spring.

Fred, yep, perfect soil for blueberries. Snagged two more Legacys today along with another apple and plum tree. Home Depot had 50% off. That will make 5 legacy, 3 Rabbit Eye, and one Elliot. Planted the 3 Rabbit eye in late spring.

Not sure if I’m gonna plant anything else this late…dang, to late for the cannabis, haha!

BTW, got one of those attachment for Stihl weedeater for cutting some of the underbrush, etc. for access to creek bottom where it’s unsafe for tractor. Have some extra blades coming with the carbide tips on em. Northern Tool, nor Home Depot had anything with 1" arbor hole.

Anyway, Thanks again

The cannabis will grow under a light and heat year round… Looks like you are really enjoying your place. Still so sorry about you loss. Just know She’s Up above watching your Progress!

No sense in spreading 4 tons at one time, that waters lab recommendation can be confusing. A ton and a half will get you where you need to be to do what you want. If a dealer tells you otherwise they’re crooks.

Thanks for the input, Salty!

ALSO, hope Stlhtr’s daughter and family are doing well…hard to find the words, but you know what I mean.



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Still Hunter gave that gal a great education about love of the outdoors. I hope we will hear from her again.

Amen to that, NB. Never good, but this time of year can be especially tough.


Yeah I always enjoyed their posts…

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I did as well!

Yes sir, We are sorry for your loss as well DoubleN. The family has been spending some good time with Mom and we are fortunate enough to have my in-laws as a second family. Mom’s coming over for Christmas dinner with us. First time in 65 years She hasn’t done Christmas at home, 20 more if you count her Christmas with her Parents as a youth.

Stilhunter was one I’d have liked to have met. Prayers for all those that have lost loved ones. Death is a certainty, but never easy when it comes. I sure miss my Dad and many others.

Thanks Fred, well said.


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