Got2Go, 5/21

I finally found a fishing partner for the day, Bazooka Joe. Left Remley’s at 4:15 and lines in at 7am just short of the SW Banks. Hooked and lost a nice wahoo on a Marauder right away. Around 8am, the some fish found us. Landed 5 dolphin and a teenager wahoo. The bite stopped for us at 9:30am and we never found them again. Most action was in 160’ and only the outside rods got bit. Purple and black and daisy chains were the action getters. We did lose another wahoo right at the boat around 25# before we pulled lines. Highlight of the day was something smoking about 300 yds. off a reel as I could see the braid backing and coming off. Three of the five lures were missing on the chain. Great ride in and beautiful day on the pond. :smiley: Congrats to the guy who caught the tuna![:0]
5 dolphin (1 peanut and 4 b/w 15-20#)
1 wahoo (15#)
2 lost wahoo
1 mystery fish
59 gallons of gas:smiley:

Key West 21’6" BayReef
225 Honda

Wish I could have gone but the home needed some attention after the hell week at the office. Good job out there

Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day. FISH 24/7------------ 25 Grady w/ a couple of Gas Guzzling 175 Johnsons “O-SEA-D” the old “Havanadaydream”