Got2Go 5/27/14...A lil' bit of everything

NorthChucky and I both had yesterday and today off, so we opted to plan a full day on the water. I haven’t had a smooth ocean in quite some time, so we opted to check out the nearshore before heading offshore. So, by 6am or so, D had the livewell filled with some bait and we headed out to look for some passing by cobia. We fished for ‘em pretty hard for about an hour, but never saw any or hooked any. Plenty of spades to be caught, but that wasn’t part of the plan, at least for today. So, we opted to head out and bottom bump. Nothing too exciting, but we got our triggers along with the other normal suspects. So, with the wind, current, and tide ripping D suggested we troll for a bit to “relax and re-hydrate”. So, we dropped lines in at 135’ with scattered grass and baby flyers all around us. As I was rigging the 4th rod, a rod goes off. Over the next two hours it was very steady as I never got the entire spread out, but 2 times. The dolphin were in the 5lb range, but added some pretty color to the box and a bunch of taco meat. Quit trolling and headed back to bottom drop and AJ jig when D says look at the bait and fish. I looked and a school of 30 small dolphin are running for their lives. I handed D a big jig and he chunked it…fish on, drag screaming. 10 minutes or so later, D lands an AJ I think even Courtland would like, :stuck_out_tongue:. Tired and wore out, we reluctantly added a few more triggers to the box before heading in to an ever growing ocean. A fun, kinda different day of sorts as we tried to mix it up a little. And, now, it’s time for the fun stuff…boat and fish cleaning.

Sounds like a better day than I had (working). How did the AJ taste?

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[quote]Originally posted by JordanOnaYak
How did the AJ taste?

Not sure how this one will taste, but normally right above dolphin and slightly below my top trio of cobia, wahoo, and trigger. I let D clean 'em today, so I had my eyes on other things, :stuck_out_tongue:. One day, I’m going to sneak some into your bag or on your plate, one day.

It’s funny how a day can go totally against plan and everything works out in the end, I’m grateful for that!

I had trolling on the mind and glad we dropped in some lines (even if I know Andy just wanted to shut me up :stuck_out_tongue:)

This AJ was chasing those itty bitty dolphin… crazy site to see

I wonder what else was chasing them… they were hauling butt!

“mr keys”

nice going, maybe some calm days by the time I get to go again.

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marinate that AJ in something with rich flavor and cook it on a cedar plank on the grill and you will be amazed that you are eating AJ!

Back before I knew that AJ were trash fish, I used to love a good grilled AJ sandwich.

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