Got2Go 5/8/14...Grinding it out (updated)

More details later, but changed things up and bottom bumped today. 17 triggers, big cbass, fat b-liners, and a bunch of other stuff. Fishing was slow today, but steady for us. Ended the day jigging for AJs as Courtland has me fired up for them again. North Chucky and Jet Setter thanks again for coming along and enjoying the Saturday Night Live skit we heard this morning…really, is there such a thing as Direct, Direct tv? And, if anyone needs someone to fish with them, both Stu and Derek continue to be great on the boat. They show up on time, fish hard, work hard, and really make a tough day go by with lots of laughter. Thanks, again for keeping me going when the fishing was a bit slow and hope you enjoyed that refreshing 25 mile run in as much as I did, :dizzy_face:.

So, a few minor details left out for who cares to read 'em. We left the ramp very early and were sitting on the first area that I wanted to try out as the sun came up. As I drove around looking, we were entertained by some good 'ol fashion radio chatter. We dropped down and all we could manage were short pinky after another. Got a few triggers and some other stuff, but it wasn’t the spot, at least this time. Now, is where I made a “small boat” error. I left and ran to areas that I knew would make for a difficult run in later on. I know better and always remember Phin fishing in everything. He would take what the ocean gave him in the Tigress and fish smart. I got stupid yesterday and the crew got soaked due to it. Captain’s fault and gull wings on the horizon. What else? Sheared off the brand new bracket for the VHF antenna on the way back in, that was fun getting back secured. And, finally, watch out for trigger fish. I was putting several fish in the box and moving some stuff around when one of them latched on to my hand, darn near the same spot the squid bit me. I’m going to live, but I do have a pea sized chunk of meat missing from my left palm now. And, finally, if you are looking for a small center console that is cheap to

I’m still wet…:face_with_head_bandage:

Never thought I would be offshore fishin in a 20ft boat (at least not out of Chucktown)… but she was impressive!
Thanks for the invite Andy, you are quite the host.

don’t ever buy anything from those guys again… they will steal your teeth, and smile at you the next day!

Tight lines gents!

Trigger fish are awesome.

26 Seahunt
Angler’s Dream

I also loved the convo on 65 where that one capt kept telling everyone over and over that there were plenty of dolphin in the weeds, but no one would listen.

I’m getting me some of that “direct, direct tv” asap… then maybe i can watch that there nascar race on fox bo, but it won’t be on regular fox, but one of dem other uns

Good day though, that ride in sucked bigtime though!

“mr keys”

Good report, Got2Go. Sounds almost exactly like the trip Cliff and I made last week, except for the triggers. And I agree, the 197 is an awesome boat. Designed and laid-out completely for fishing.

“I’m not a hundred percent in love with your tone right now…”

I still have a scar from a 10lb trigger biting me in the arse with lockjaw power on a safety stop diving- had 7 or 8 bite me so far and it has almost triggered a fear of the trigger! the arse bite was by far the worst ever! be careful with those guys- they will fart on you as well about 20 sec after getting them on the boat fishing

which brings me to my next point folks… Never Ever put your finger in the mouth of Any fish from offshore waters. Some of them will maliciously clamp down like that’s all they were waiting for!
Never happened to me of course… just sayin

Let me know what your going to do about the curtains. I’ve been putting it off for awhile now. I’ve worn my sunglasses as goggles one too many times now though.

Pioneer 197

I have the console piece but lacking the gull wings. see if you can get a package deal. I will buy a set. the previous owner of my boat did not know where his gull wings were when i bought the boat so i only have that center console piece.

Pioneer 197