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Hey everyone. How are you all doing? Have a question for you all. My GPS just went out on my unit and I have a planned vacation trip to Panama City Beach Florida in which I am pulling my boat down to fish the inshore and maybe 2 or 3 miles out offshore. Do any one know any good Marine GPS/Chartplotter Apps I can download to use while I am down there to get me around the water to and back from a fishing spot??? Any help would be appreciated…

I don’t know if you are looking for free or pay but, the Navionics Boating app looks decent.

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Yeah DFreedom I saw that one. Looks like one of the best ones I have seen in my App Store…

I second the Navionics app…

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Navonics is the ticket!
They have it free for a few days, but for $9.99 I believe you get it for a year. It is spot on!
It provides all the info you need and a heap more!
Good luck! Enjoy your trip to the gulf!

Check it on your phone before you go! Have a backup!!! Navionics crashes my phone

Wow all for of you work for Navionics.
But this does make me want to check out Navionics.

Never had any issues with it on my phone, and thats the only way Ive ever used it.
Iphone/verizon as carrier. Could be phone or service idk.
But as far as accuracy and abundant info, charting, plotting, etc its the best app Ive tried.
I only use on my bay boat as it does not have a unit. Been great out to Charleston 60, 4ki and navigating inland waterways

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Hey gonefishing, have you been to Panama City yet? Was wondering how you did fishing. I am going there in 3 weeks.


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Navionics is far and the best based on my experience.

Torry, just read your post call me and I can lend you one! If you are wired up for Lowrance!

Badbobflyfishing… Hey how are you. The trip was so fun and relaxing. A whole week of fishing on my boat and on a party boat. Thanks to everyone, Navionics App worked wonderful. Once i got out there all the inshore and offshore spots popped right up on my phone. I was completely rocked by it. Took it and used it as well in Destin Florida on the water also. It instantly pulled up reefs every there also. Me and my girl caught alot of fish. Thanks again everyone.
Hey Boatpoor. Thanks for the offer buddy. I am good now. Appreciate it…