GPS Recommendations

Hi fellas, I’m in need of a GPS that can fit in cupholder with one of those mounts. I can’t justify spending a crazy amount, but I’m looking for three main things on the GPS.

First, keeping track of where I’ve been in case I get turned around in a creek somewhere.

Secondly, is there one where I can input coordinates to get to a specific reef or location PRIOR to going to that location?

Lastly, user friendly.

What would you all recommend?

I am a big fan of Garmin. Main reason they have awesome customer service.
I have a Garmin map 74 I believe in my ditch bag. And the 74 floats. I think I paid something like $275 for it. Garmin has several handheld with different features. The reason I picked the 74 is cuz it floats.

What’s a good one for mounting on a center console? I either got to get an SD card for a 540s or get a new unit

I agree with OTC on Garmin. Customer service is awesome.
I even used them to help me determine what add on Transducer to get what I wanted out of my unit.

I did like my garmin a little better than my lowrance as far as ease of use. any unit though will do what you want. pick out a few and look at some youtube videos of them being used.

Most all of the 5" and larger chartplotter/gps’s will let you create a waypoint and set it as a destination. I would assume some of the smaller ones do too. This for a yack? You mention reefs and creeks is why I ask.

Thanks fellas. It’s going to be for a jetski as I’m boat poor.