Grab Rail for Henry O

I have a new to me Henry o with a missing grab rail around the center console windshield. I’ve scoured the internet but can’t find a replacement - not surprising since they’ve been out of business since the mid-late 90’s . Can someone recommend a fab shop
Or an old boat junk yard that I may be able to find another Grab rail? The
Holes are already drilled in the console so
I want it to fit the existing holes.


I’d start with Capt Ed on this site if you can track him down. He does great work.

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Not very common boats, so finding anything used will be unicorn horn scarce.

The only two people I’ve ever used were ‘Happy Bob’ used to be on Charleston Fishing. But, haven’t seen him in a while and I don’t think he does metal work anymore (Columbia area) AND Advanced Innovations at 4541 Savannah Hwy, Ravenel. Advanced Innovations does big work and he does Beautiful work. He’s expensive. But, if he takes the job you’ll get a beautiful piece.

Now, which Henry O?

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Happy Bob’s Marine Designs 803-727-4069

Not sure if still in the business.