Gravity feeder vs other

So, what are pros and cons of gravity feeder vs. batter powered programmable feeders? And What do you prefer?

I like a long section of 10 “corrugated black drain pipe a threaded cap on the top end and close it with wire at the bottom. Drill about 10-15 holes near the bottom. 3’ Bolt up an eye bolt to the top cap use a rope to pull the top up filled with corn. Up the tree until a section about 3’ long is on the ground. The holes should be about5/8” to3/4”. The deer will push it around to get more corn out and if the holes get clogged with dirt and corn the local raccoons will open the holes. It will hold about 2 bags of corn and the deer will be so preoccupied with rolling the pipe around that they will never notice you raise the rifle. It will cost about $40 not counting the corn. Works well if you have hogs too.

■■■■, that’s top shelf material right there. You might want to take that to market, Natureboy.

I guess you should use EF line.
You know things…

The “hard way” is a great teacher! I hated the battery operated timer feeders. They rusted out and battery’s leaked

Did something similar for bow hunting took a 5’ piece of 6” pvc put a threaded plug in top and a y on the bottom with a cap on the very bottom that I drilled several 1/4” holes in the bottom cap for drainage lashed it to a tree filled the bottom below the y with stones for drainage fill with corn from the top plug hole for a poor man’s feeder

I’ve done that too ang it works well . The cost on the abs corrugated wan lower than pvc. I dont know if it still is. Prices are changing quickly nowadays

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