great brooks and rainbows w an idiot encounter

I headed back to the north mills river w my buddy again this past weekend for some trout action. Both of us were armed with new fly rods and were very excited to put them too the test. We caught a good mixture of brooks and rainbows with me catching more brooks and my buddy mostly rainbows. The trip could not have been any better except for one thing that I could not believe. I was fishing in a section of the river that is about 20 feet wide depending on the water level. There was about 25 brooks and a few bows in the dead center of the river and some were really big. I was standing almost in the dead center of the river too. There was one really big and colorful brook with a really red belly and I had my mind set on catching him. I caught a bunch of them but could not get the big red belly to take a fly. Finally, after tying on and retying I got him to hit but I missed him. Then he hit again but I missed again. Then this guy comes up with his son(w a spinning rod) and they post up on the bank. The son on the same plane as me and his dad ten feet down river from me. I thought they were just looking at the fish but then they both start casting with the sons lure landing 5 ft from me and his dads ten feet in front of me. I was speechless for a few seconds and just continued to cast. On my false cast the fathers leader and mine got tangled. He yells, “oh I got one”. I said,“na man you got my line. I was fishing here and yall just came and basically tried to take over my spot. I have been fishing here for over an hour and now yall are messing me up. There was about forty of them and now there is only like ten because you got so close to them”. The guys response was, “I paid for my fishing license just like you and I’ll fish where ever I want to.” Then I said, " I have been fishing all over the United States and I have never run into a more inconsiderate fisherman than you sir. And yea you may have bought a license, but there is a something called common courtesy pal and you are not setting a good example for your

Sorry you had that experience. This time of year, especially on a delayed harvest stream, you are going to meet a few like that. Many times, a young Son being there has saved his Daddy from a World-class cussin’. Tough for your Charleston boys to get here during the week, but if you can fish Mon-Thurs, it’s WAY less crowded.

Thanks, it just happens sometimes. There are always a few bad apples(especially on weekends). Until now, everyone I have encountered up there have been very friendly, helpful and courteous. And yea, I kept my language clean because of his son and another little girl with her parents walking nearby. Over the years I have learned not to let people like that ruin my good time. We had a blast! We are planning a longer trip this spring and some of it will have to be during the week. I have only fished The Davidson, The Little river, and North Mill but my buddy lives in Columbia and has fished much more of the western carolina waters. So, he is in charge of planning our spring trip. This spring we will have more time to travel so will probably check out a different spot. I do like North Mills though.

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I’ve had the same problem before. I just don’t get why some people just ave to fish in the exact same spot on the river as you, but it would have been interesting to hear would that guy would have said back to you. Other than that, it sounds like you had a great time.

I wonder if that guy went and made a post about you on some other fishing forum about how big of an a$$ you were.


I live in Greenville, and keep up with the rivers pretty well. Shoot me an email this spring when you fellas are heading North, and I’ll gladly help you out.


How long did it take uto getup there from charleston

I would guess about 4 hrs if I did not stop in Columbia to pick up my buddy and visit with his family. Sorry just saw your question today.

  • I’d rather be a free man in my grave than living as a puppet or a slave.