Great Night on The Lake

Fished around Marker 5 late Saturday & into the night for a few hours.
Caught plenty of short fish.
Ended with 2 limits of legal size fish. (3 people in the boat.)
Largest was caught on a bigggggg white perch.

The season is looking good so far…

good to hear someone catching some keepers. How big were the keepers. I finaly got shakey running since Phishinphan cant fish as much. Turned out to be a simple timing adjustment, but I just never messed with it. No reason to fish in a POS when your buddy has a nice boat.

you talking about moutlrie?

congrats on the nice night fo sho!

“When you learn from someone else, that knowledge does not belong to you, it belongs to the next person that needs it.”

Little man ready to go yet phish? Been thinking about going soon myself. Rode by lake world and had dt’s…:frowning_face:[:0]:face_with_head_bandage:

Epic Failure=When everyday,run of the mill failure just won’t do

Yeah, I took shakey out for a test run last night and definitely had the itch. It’s about impossible for me to get out during the week, but I will be out next weekend.

i’m going to try and get out soon. maybe this weekend. time will tell. i think i might have to play the “great weather” card. assuming of course the weather looks good.

“When you learn from someone else, that knowledge does not belong to you, it belongs to the next person that needs it.”

Tom, how’d Shakey run?

It ran pretty good, rough at first. But after a few minutes it seemed to clear up. The gas has been in there for over year. I stabilized it, but it was 6 months old when I did that. The idle seemed a low, but I figure I’ll get new gas in before I fine tune anything. I would have fixed it sooner, but the option was go fish in Pierce’s Sea Pro, or work on my POS. But since he has a new baby, I had to do something to keep fishing. Plus it seems to be a lucky boat.

Keepers ranged from 27" - 29"
Fat & Healthy
Yep, on Lake Moultrie

Was a good night sun night. We ended up with one keeper. All 5 other’s were just a hair under 26, they would’ve tasted really good last year lol. Also ended up with a 30lb blue and 20 lb blue. Also a good story, as soon as we got there had a pole end up going over the side, long story short 2 to 3 hours and a 100 yards away later buddy said im stuck on somebody’s line and guess what? It was my pole with a fish on it!!! Fish just so happened to get off as we were pulling the line in… Crazy.