Green crew - Edisto Banks 6/7/08

Left Saluda @ 1:45AM. Launched @ Steamboat @5:20. Buddied up with another 21’ SeaPro at the ramp and we headed out. Ran 26-28mph in a sloppy, confused sea to join 1000 other boats at the Banks.
Did I mention my “Green Crew”? I’m the only one on board who has any trolling experience. Period. School is about to begin. Started putting lines in about 165’. before the third line hits the water, the first line gets hit. Lost the fish, first lesson learned. Begin putting lines back in and the Port outrigger snaps. Lost fish again, second lesson learned. Finally get the entire spread out and didn’t get another hit till around 8:30. Things went smooth until ready to gaff the fish. Cameras are popping everyone is gawking, my glasses get knocked off and sink to the bottom, 265’…third lesson learned. Put lines back in and not too long the starbord outrigger popped. I had to drop back to this fish twice before I got him to take the hook…(remember that last statement.) Things went off very smooth on this fish, School is out. Two more short strikes that wouldn’t hook up.
Ended the day with two nice dolphin and a lot of lessons learned.
Crew was great to have on the boat and learned fast. Next time maybe we will have a better hook-up rate.
Back to the fish that I had to drop-back on twice, When I cleaned him, his belly was full of ballyoo. several whole and a bunch of rear halves. That guy had figured out the “free meal deal”.
Blue and white seemed to be the preferred color.

Great post DW, hate I missed the trip. Sounds like a Fuji fire drill!!