grilled crappie

pulled out my last bag of crappie from the freezer from early spring. i pretty much grill all my fish now, with the occasional frying of some cats. for this batch i melted a half a stick of butter and mixed in some minced garlic then sprinkled fillets with onion powder, some paula deen’s southern spice rub and some mccormicks smokehouse mable seasoning. turned out pretty good. the butter kept the meat from sticking to my little grilling basket. grilled over mostly red maple and wild black cherry wood.

Nice!! gotta try it, never grilled crappie before

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it’s pretty good. that little basket makes gillin fish/shrimp easy.

That is some good looking fish!

Wow! I gotta basket like that for a gift but never thought I’d use it! That looks GREAT!

OH HELL YEH!!! that is some fine looking crappie. i gotta try that. i have plenty of filets.

That fish looks Good…But I gotta tell ya…that is one hell of a grill you got there…:wink:

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thanks guys. this was the first time using the butter like that. most times i’ll season them then give them a light spray with some butter flavored pam, just to keep them moist and from sticking to the basket.