Gut hooked drum

I use circle hooks and yet 75% of my red drum catches are gut hooks. Why? Should I use bigger hooks?

Are you leaving your rod in the rod holder or in your hands when this happens the most? Sometimes if they have enough time to chew I’ll get a gut hook, but not usually when the rodnreel is in my hands. How long is your leader? I run Owner mutu lightwire 3/0 circles for literally everything…

This is the recommended way to rig for large drum, no longer than 6” leader means it will seat in the corner of the mouth instead of being swallowed first

Offset hooks of any kind also increase the risk of deep hooking

Are you using mono or braid? If mono, maybe you’re not feeling the bite (Due to stretch/wind) until they really swallowed it.

If they have swallowed it and you plan to release the fish, it’s easy to cut the line near its mouth and let it swim away, the hook will rust out…vs more damage caused by trying to get the hook out. You probably already know that but just putting it out there.

Good luck, when you have the issue resolved, please share!

Thanks for the advice guys I’ll try all those methods.

I quit using rod holders for reds. I have better results with rod in hand and almost never gut hook.

Thanks for the response. Reds like to slurp in their prey so I have been reluctant to sink the hook as with other fish.

Using artificial lures, I have not gut hooked a fish in years. I think it has to do with being in semi-contact with the lure so when you get bit you set the hook immediately. This thread just made me think of it. I think this is not discussed much.

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