Guy Harvey and Carolina Classic Billfish Tourn

Guy Harvey will be sponsoring the Carolina Classic Billfish Tournament and offering a new art medium to the public in the form of Sand Carved Glass. Sand Carving, as opposed to etching (scratching the surface), is creating a three dimensional effect into the glass with high pressured silica dust. All pieces of glass are depictions of Guy Harvey’s work and are original, limited edition, hand carved pieces that are ideal for your boat, home or business. Our work is showcased in the galley of all Scout Boats 35’Abacos and we are being featured in Guy Harvey Magazine Fall Edition as well as several other major magazines. We will have a table set up at the Carolina Classic and for the first time you will be able to view these wonderful works of art! I look forward to seeing you guys out there!

Sue Cushman
Marketing Director, Guy Harvey Sand Carved Glass
Online reporter for Guy Harvey Magazine
(843) 714-5290 (under construction) (preview Guy Harvey’s work)

Check out my daily blogs on for The Carolina Classic. Doing all that I can to promote my fella local businessmen in the process of reporting on the tournament. You will find it on the home page but other articles under tournaments.

Sue Cushman


Sure is a lot of Guy Harvey SPAM goin on around here. While we got you here, can you tell us more on his

Scout boats artwork deal
Swim trunks
Flip Flops
License plates
Books/Video & Magazines
Home Furnishing/Patio
Murals/ Boat & Vehicle Wraps

Is he into real estate yet? Just curious.

You forgot boxer shorts, saw those at Barefoot Landing earlier this week. Gotta have me some of those.

Wow…you took an awful long time listing the Guy Harvey products! “Yes” he is into real estate. Bimini Big Game Club. Listen fellas…I’m a local chick just like SOME of you guys. I have fished these waters all my life. I was one of the first members on this site and backed off from posting when the haters came crawling out of their V-Berths. What you call “SPAM” some of the other locals are thanking me for. If you followed my blog on the Guy Harvey Magazine website you would see that all I have done is help promote our restaurants, tournaments, Captains and Charter Boats. I provide names and links in those blogs to help generate more business for them. I started out by representing another LOCAL artist by the name of Lex Melfi who does Sand Carved Glass. Harvey loved his work as much as I did and they are working in conjunction to provide a beautiful piece of art in the end. In addition to that I write a daily blog about FISHING and SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY. Harvey is an internationally known Marine Life CONSERVATIONIST as well as an artist and through his hard work and respect (that he has rightfully gained in the industry) “yes” his name is all over the place. I am trying to do right by a local starving artist named “Lex” and other local guys too by blogging on here. A lot of the people that have something negative to say about Guy are the very people that have worn his shirts one time or another. Oh, by the way…YOU’RE IN TIME OUT…I’m laughin’ all the way to the frig’ to grab a beer. Much love to all you guys who have extended an offer for me to fish with. Will see ya and fish with ya at The Megadock.