Half-n-half Real Mullet

I have always wanted to try two colors split in the middle of a lure. These will be used in muddy water conditions.

Man, you’re like the mad professor now… youve got the bug. I like it! Thanks for taking us along for the ride

Let us know how they work.

Very cool. You make them with a mold or 3D printer or what?

3D printed mold

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Making soft plastic crappie minnows, you can make your own too! #crappie #lurefishing #luremaking - YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4bvnRZ8IFU

Yep. I made some crappie jig molds too!

Crappie have been slow with cold snaps. Only caught a few so far

The molding technique in the video is one I’m not familiar with. Thanks for sharing!! His design is crude but it catches fish!