Handheld VHF question

I have a Humminbird VHF55s but the battery has died. It will only hold a charge for a few minutes. After a ton of searching, I found a place to get a new battery for $40.

My question is, should I get a replacement battery, or just grab a new cheap (~$45) one online like this one on Amazon? http://orcs.ws/v9Vubf

i wouldnt spend $40 for a battery, but i also wouldnt buy a 3 watt VHF
try this


Chris’ radio is a good choice for offshore because of being 5W and being able to take extra AA batteries in your ditch bag for it so you’ll get lots more operational time out of it even after the rechargable batt pack dies - if needed.

I have an Icom handheld that’s great, but it’s more pricey.



Luke 8:22-25

FWIW, do not get the West Marine brand, I have had two crap out on me.

Good point about the battery style and being able to reload in an emergency.

The Cobra is 3 watts, or 40% below most others (5 watts, max). If you’re happy with what you have, and the 5 watts it’s supposed to put out, replace the battery and go boating … :wink:

Take the battery pack to a Batterys plusss store see if thay can rebuild it! Thay have done quite a few for me ( including an EPURB)worked great and inexpenseve!

I asked for a Cobra MR HH475 FLT VHF Waterproof Two-Way Marine Radio with Bluetooth for Christmas last year and Santa brought it. This is a wonderful little radio with 1, 3 and 6 watt choices for short or long distance talking. What I like most about it is that I can pair my cell phone to it and put the phone in the dry box. Great little radio for the price. Which is more that what youwant to spend, but worth it in my opinion.