Happening in real time again

Let’s listen in…


great morning to be out there, felt so good before sunrise this morning.

go get em 23!

You are killing me Ricky.

Dang just rub salt in the wound…
1 way or another I’m going to be on the water this weekend.

I hope you fall in :upside_down_face: … I’ve been battling a Chlorine monitor all morning…

I’m with you brother…

If it makes you guys feel better, I caught nothing.

Fell asleep for an hour and woke up fishing on credit. Them reds are sticklers for payment on delivery. Perfect temperature on the water today.

Broke a good one off on structure fighting with the wind and current.

They must be stuffed with all the flood tides this week.

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You sure had a pretty morning

living the life! I’ve only fell asleep on a boat coming in from off shore, but I have fell asleep in a tree stand or two.

I makes me feel a little bit better. Just a little though. I’d never deny a man a nap on his boat. I did that years ago. Came down to Charleston one day when everyone was in school/at work, found a quiet creek, anchored and slept on the bow for a couple of hours. I guy hollering woke me up. He wanted to make sure I wasn’t dead. It was a good day and I don’t even remember if I fished or not. Being on the water is a tonic for sure.

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