Happy birthday Harry potter!

Aka Collin :). Pics to follow later…yes. You do not get off that easy. I’m off to mcclellanville now to go run crab pots with my daddy…but will fix this later…yep…only because we love ya :smiley:. Have a great day! Penny,Donnie and wonder dog <ROO>

miss’n fish’n

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Happy Birthday

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Happy Birthday!

“Without theism…the only arbiter of morality is power.”


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happy birthday buddy!

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Happy birthday capt


Hey there! So hoping your birthday was a great one! I see that you have already seen your tribute on Facebook :smiley: you know had to take the opportunity to remind you…“I have pics…lots and lots of pics” didnt want to forget you here either:wink:

ooopssss…dont know how this one got in here:imp::wink:

And the harry potter broom I gave you one year:smiley:

Collin…you always seem to look so composed…and cool

yep…cool…and composed…

remember that was from the kookiest hat contest

yep…good times

so heres to you buddy…from some of your friends!

;;;;dang birds again:imp:

and they have twins!!![:0]

so yesterday…i was out crabbing with my daddy…and kept thinking about you and it being your birthday. as always had a plan or I wouldnt have had a sharpie marker with me…so heres your birthday card my friend…

and decided to send you on a trip north…a

You are in for it.Penny has your number big time. :slight_smile:


love you too joe! Sitting here counting my blessings for the friends i have. now getting ready to post crabbing report on inshore.

miss’n fish’n

Sea Squirt 16


Penny, I would expect nothing less from you on my birthday.

I know better than to expect you to apologize for it, though! :slight_smile:

You know you sat up all night…waiting…waiting…knowing that I was ready for you to let your guard down…:wink:

miss’n fish’n

Sea Squirt 16