Happy Fathers Day!

Hope you all had a great weekend.
mine was awesome. My wife, kids, and their friends hit the water with me Friday for tubing and water sports. Then Saturday, me and wife went fishing all day. Only caught some small BSB’s, but still awesome day on water. Then today, Church service was awesome, got home and started smoking some pork and chicken for tonight. Son even cut the grass for me with only asking once!! Been a great few days. I’m truly blessed.

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Thanks. You too!! I planned to install new bearings, and seals on my bote trailer today. Got her jacked up, wheels, and rotors off, and ready for a quick install. WHAT? Wrong inner bearings! Oh well? I’m Blessed as well! :slightly_smiling_face:

Happy fathers day to you all.
I got to finally fix some bad outlets in my shop & deep clean the boat.
Then we had a low country boil & went to a local dairy farm for milkshakes.

The weather couldn’t have been nicer after last week! Had a great day, had the kids come over and then we all left to go to the in-laws for a cook out.

My two oldest made me this card, Got to love a sense of humor… and the new anchor from all three to replace the one that “got away”.

Hope you had a great FD Uncle Nutz…

Remember, don’t use those great aftermarket Bearing Buddies since you believe in only OEM name brands… :slightly_smiling_face:

that sounds good. what local farm?

Same to all of you. At Harbor Island right now and the weather is great. Getting to spend some time with both of my boys and my wife. A man can’t ask for much more.

River Bottom Dairy in Jefferson, SC.
Good place, they gave us a gallon of milk. It was going to expire by the time they open back up on Friday.

Yo DF. Enjoy Harbor Island! I don’t live far from there. I run the deep water just off the beach when I pass there in the boat.

Cool, be sure and wave when you go by.

My dad was from Beaufort so, I spent almost all my summers here with my grandparents. Man, the beaches down here have certainly changed. Been doing a little fishing, kayak and shore. Slow but for a few croaker, a stingray and something that gave my oldest a good run until the line broke. More than likely a shark.

About 20 of my guys sent me messages for Father’s Day.
Ranging anywhere from Happy Father’s Day Papa Craig.
To Happy Father’s Day senor Craig.
And a couple of them in Spanish

And one of them bought me a couple shirts.

Take the kayak about 100 meters south of the old bridge. Look for a small creek on your left. Put a mud minnow in the creek opening and I will bet you will catch a nice Red Fish.

We’ll try and check that out. Tried fishing a bit after putting in at Butche’s Landing, a few bites but mostly rays. Fished/crabbed a couple of times from the shoreline down from Russ’s Landing. All the crabs except one were under 5". Had a few decent bites but lost them. Still, the weather has been really nice and it has been good to get out and spend some time with my family. The boys both have to go back to work so they leave this afternoon. Just me and mama after that. She loves to crab so we’ll try to find some other places.

Crabbed off some kin folks dock up river a little bit from you and all we got were small crabs as well. It’s been a few years, but there used to be 45’ hole only a little way off the beach on the far tip of harbor Island kind of pointing in the direction of egg island/bank. Should be the time for some big sharks there. Might try some night surf fishing off the beach. if you ever get a chance go to Morgan Island to see the monkeys, some times you get lucky others it’s a no show. To far for a kayak I believe…

You had mention cobia fishing, not far from where you are staying is one of my favorite and most productive spots. Between Pelican and Combahee bank across from Otter Island is a 48’ foot drop, run your depth gauge to about 4 feet and anchor on combahee bank throwing towards the hole on out going tide. Drink a beverage, eat some food shoot the breeze… It’s lazy fishing until fish on! Do it early because right now the shark will be all over.