Happy Mother's Day.....better thank 'em!

Pretty sure everyone on here has a mother…except Brandon, he came from a horse’s @$$! So take the time today and if nothing else, acknowledge them and thank them for putting up with you since day 1 because if it wasn’t for them, we’d all still be dragging knuckles and clapping rocks together uggah uggah! These women of our lives helped build character and kept our sights headed in the right direction for success. You don’t have to say you love them, for some, but you should say thank you for helping you evolve from a tadpole to an established adult.
Happy Mother’s Day to all on here

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Yes sir Headed to see both of mine today! Got the wife a fancy squirel proof feeder and some flowers and the Wife got both mom’s their gift. Finger Foods were the requested meal.

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Took a cruise dropped anchor ate lunch

I have know knowledge to answer @SplitTailBasics regarding a horse’s hiney

My mom passed several years ago.
Wife’s mom passed a year ago February.

Yeah my mom didn’t tolerate any BS. She would skin my tail in a heartbeat. Grocery store Church it didn’t matter.
My mom worked her butt off. My dad would get stuck at the prison sometimes for days. My mom took care of the hogs cows and chickens. She worked the garden big garden. She’d be right there beside my dad and uncles for slaughtering and putting up hay
I remember I was about 10 years old.
Mom come in wake me up for school.
She was covered in blood and yuck. One of our cows died giving birth.
She cut the calf out and saved the calf. To this day I think back on that and all I can say is wow.


My Mom has been gone 24 years now and there still isn’t a day I don’t think about her. My wife is the fuel that keeps our family going. She is a great Mom…and wife.

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