Harbor/Crab Bank

Anyone been in the harbor yet? Thinking about coming down Friday afternoon from the upstate to go in the harbor Friday evening. Will weather be a big issue? Hoping WNW winds aren’t that bad on CB. Like another poster said, I go when I can, not when I should!

It was pretty slow at the bank last weekend and didn’t see any in one pass by Yorktown. BB was great.

I’ve deep holed by crab bank a couple of times this season, there are shrimp there but no big numbers and smaller in size. It’s choppy mess in the harbor today. I wouldn’t want to be out there.

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Weather is no good for any boating the next few days. Remnants of hurricane coming through. Next week looks good.

Hope the rain doesn’t mess things up like it has in the past .

Don’t think this is going to be good. I don’t know how much rain you’re getting at the beach right now. But I’m in Greenville. They’re calling for 5 to 7 inches of rain today. That means all that fresh water is heading that way.

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we’ve gotten a couple inches in chucktown since yesterday morning, we’ll see how much the rivers bring to the coast!

Yeah i was just told by my friend in Columbia that it’s flooding in the Metro. So if i guess right, all that rain is running down towards Charleston.

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