Harbor Thursday Night

It was a beautiful night on the Harbor. Only the 2nd time I have been out this year. At CB, started about 1/2 tide, incoming they were never heavy, but it was consistent from just before dark till when we left about 930 pm. Very mixed, 1/2 smalls and 1/4 each Lrg and mediums. I think if we had stayed for the outgoing would have done well, but have to work tomorrow. Ended up w/ about 1/3 cooler, not bad for my buddy throwing taco’s about 1/2 the time and me about 1/4 of the throws.
I’d love to see some more reports!!!

I was out there Wednesday night and had the same report. Start throwing the net around 915 and finished about 1145ish. Dealing with the high tide was not as bad as I thought it would be outside of the ripping current.

180 Pioneer SportFish 115 Evinrude E-Tec

Semper Fi!

The release of water from the lakes with the storms has not been helping. Water is ripping out! I have been doing about the same in BB smalls and larges. I was hoping to start seeing better numbers with bigger shrimp. Maybe later this weekend/next week after Maria throws some swell and HOPEFULLY NO RAIN.