Has the shark fishing heated up yet?

Per the thread title, has anyone had any luck shark fishing inshore? Looking to get the kids out and about.

Picked up a 3ft sharpnose last Sat at the Jetties, Whole mullet on the bottom.

caught multiple 40"+ bonnetheads 3 weeks ago as the jetties as well. Finger mullet on the bottom.

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What jetties?

Charleston Jetties at the mouth of the harbor.

North jetty extends from Sullivans Island
South jetty extends from Morris Island

Friogatto— I know there is a sand bar that runs along the beach in front of moultrie. So were you casting out past that and if so how far?

Also where do you purchase your bait in the IOP or Suillivans Island area. I am trying to find a place that has mullet or any bait fish to use.

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Thanks Cracker Larry your response was very helpful. I was looking more for the name of the company.

Yes, bonnet head at the south jetty. Halved blue crab seemed to work well.
Thursday had 6, Friday had 4, Tuesday had 2 and a bunch of drops and break offs.
All around the 4ft mark.

There are more sharks at the end of the north jetty at Winyah Bay than I have ever seen.

Drift about half a mile to a mile off the beach. Have one rod with a float and about 4-6ft of wire on a something like a 12/0 circle hook. Put about 3 live croaker (hook em through the back) on that one and float it about 35-40 yards behind the boat. Those croaker are going to bump into each other, get agitated and start making a lot of noise. Set two more rods up the same way but without the float. Put one about 20 yards out and then one about 5 yards away (that ones the coolest when it gets hit!). I also like to add 100lb mono between my main line and wire for a little shock absorption. I use Penn Senator 6/0 reels. Keep drifting and be prepared to be sore the next day. A chum bag never hurts either.

Went fishing on my kayak this week behind sullivans and out at copahee sound. Both times i saw BIG sharks crusing around. Caught about 20 small blacktips.

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if You put in at shem, go a bit past to haddrells point on si

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