Having trouble

I know that I need to go back for lessond but here is what is happening. Went out this evening and went to a hole where i know holds trout, Redfish and Blues. Got into some Blues and Redfish so I thought that I would break out the 6wt. Well my casting is terrible in the water. Whae I am in my back yard I am phenominal. when I get out on the water with a fly tied on(by the way I practice in the yard without a fly) I just can’t seem to throw it. It may go 15’.
I feel almost scared to throw the fly because I have been drilled by it a couple of times and I don’t want to get hooked in the face or eyes. I can’t seem to get the fly away from me and get it up high.

Good news is something hit my glass minow with a force but ended as quisky as it started. I beleive oysters were the culprit.

21’ Sea Pro Bay, Yellow
225 Mercury Verado
Named: Faith & Grace after my wife and daughter