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Starting a new topic on health and safety if you find something of interest that may help others please post it

Seems like a large percentage of our family and friends are dealing with what they’re calling RSV and most have been prescribed a Steroid or an Antibiotic what are others seeing or hearing?


Cool, could be helpful to all us old geezers.

Is Fusion Energy a safe alternative for our power?

Sure sounds promising!

Bay, the one thing no one in the media is talking about over the 2020 “pandemic”… the death of the “flu bug”. Throughout modern history 40-80,000 americans die yearly from the flu. During covid it was not even tallied past 500-600 people. The Flu did not mysteriously disappear because of covid, it was just miss labeled to add to the fear mongering and the Unjust push for People to take an unproven and even deadly vaccine. Not to mention the Governments push for control to make us all put a diaper over our face.

Our Government and the World learned a valuable lesson on just how easy it is to manipulate a population through fear. Heck I almost took the vaccine from such a fear tactic. Glad I stood my ground.

This is basement talk you should keep it there. Your on little special place. TALK ABOUT TAKING THE TRASH OUT.

Thank you Bay. A very insightful and prescient article. Adds a balance to other information and helps in decision making in regards to our health and well being. Thanks again.

Bob, your refusal to even consider Fred’s info to be possibly correct, is the main reason we are where we are in America and on sadly so.

Exact opposite there. He refuses to see my point

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Quite natural for both to refuse the other, so until we have so called ‘bi partisan’ discussions we will just be required to be divided, same as DC.

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Been reading about this, thankfully so far I don’t personally know anyone that has been diagnosed

That is very true Fred. My VAPrimary Dr told me that his group of dr’s have not diagnosed single case of non covid influenza. He quickly said there was no $$$$ money in ordinary flu.

The government (VA) drs are following the plan to pump up covid numbers and encourage vaccination

Dang, Bay, that’s scary. Have one son (28)that has two of my grandsons with his beautiful bride.

We spend a lot of time together at the land/Homestead, as we like to call it, planting and prepping for future hunting. Could hear the wood ducks in the creek Saturday morning. So cool. All of this has been a blessing after loosing my bride, as y’all know, in August.

I say this, to say that if something happened to him related to the two dose vaccine he took, I’m not sure how I would react…

Fauci needs to pay dearly for his involvement!!!

How have we fallen so far as a country??


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WELLLLL, success and money are THE destroyers of society.

Depending on the outcome of this trial, public safety is on the docket regarding whether the covid19 vaccinations were forced onto or coerced onto Americans, by health officials and media without providing all the data for the public to make an informed decision for their health

THIS BS is the WORST govt. sham since the FAKE gas shortage and ration of '76.

Now I will return to my PEACEFUL retreat in Politics forum, without the Dimwits DESTRUCTION party disgusting supporters harassments.

Bad thing is we’ll never know the true death count that has been related to the vaccine in America or abroad. I’m sure many of our super healthy vaccinated athletes that dropped dead on the field won’t be added.

Yes, please return to the basement where this type of junk has been stuffed…

Do your job TL3 members and remove all political posts…

Yep! Time to remove all Political posts!

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Just long winded bantering!

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The guys moving from the Politics Forum, to the Off Topic, are just playing games, and skirting the rules!

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