Was directed here by Mr. Kerry Browning to learn from this great fishing community and share my knowledge and fishing stories! So here goes…

I moved here less than a year ago from Virginia where I grew up fishing the Chesapeake Bay for all the species we have here (basically) from boat and kayak both. Since moving here I have learned a ton about the area and have fallen in love with the opportunities to sight-fish in mere inches of water. I got out on a flat with a buddy and caught multiple over slot reds, and a few that topped 30’. All fish caught in less than 16" of water on Buggs Fishing Jigs and Paddle Tails. Check out the video below for some of the action!


Welcome to the sight. Used to be about the first 2 or 3 pages were to welcome a newcomer looking to gain and share fishing information. Not much left of it these days and our Search function for old posts is pretty much non existent. I’d say our hay day was 10-6 years ago. Best of luck in your fishing endeavors! .

Welcome Jacob! There’s not much more exciting than a 30"+ fish in 12-18" of water cruising around. For a real challenge, pick up a fly rod!

Looking forward to your reports!

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Welcome aboard! Nice video… was the tide coming in or going out? Temp? Not sure if you said it in the video, I had to watch with no sound. Also, I like that jig. What’s the weight? Looking forward to more posts from you.

Let Mr Kerry know his posts and videos are missed and we expect him in short notice. We are working on turning this site back into a wealth of fishing information that’s not starving for “likes”. Thanks for sharing your fishing trip:+1:

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