Help... new to Charleston and fishing!

I am new to the area, and to fishing as well. I live in Mt Pleasant and want to start fishing the area. What kind of gear do I need to get started? I prefer catching and eating to catch and release. Please be as specific as possible… also, I am on a budget. Thanks!

I’m not new to fishing, but I am new-ish to saltwater and inshore fishing.I started out by going to Charleston Angler and asking those guys what I would need to get started. Like you I was also on a budget. I got a saltwater rod and reel combo for $80. I also bought a cast net and a couple of crab baskets at WalMart. As far as other gear and tackle, it all depends on what you’d like to catch. You can buy small tackle boxes that come loaded with hooks, rigs, sinkers, corks, etc and that might be a cheap way to get your feet wet and figure out what you like doing. You can also check out craigslist, yard sales, and with guys here on the forum for used gear that you could maybe better afford. As far as rods go… My favorite will probably always be an ugly stik.Myfavorite lures are pink. You can never go too wrong with shrimp as live or frozen bait. You will likely at least catch a sting ray, baby shark, or whiting. I use chicken legs or dead fish for blue crabs. Make sure you are familiar with all the size limits of whatever you do catch since you like to keep them.

Check out 2 of the sponsors on, Haddrells Point and Charleston Angler. They are always offering seminars on fishing around the area, most are presented by local fishing guides.

There are also some local fishing clubs you could join including the Stono Fishing Club, Summerville Fishing Club (I’m not totally sure of their name) and the East Cooper Fishing Club (

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being on a budget and new to the area as well, i stopped by the flea market in goose creek, if you shop around a little bit there are good deals to be found, cheap hooks, sinkers, rods and reels. it is worth the trip

You dont want the cheap hooks & gear. It’s not really a deal. Go to haddrells. They’ll help you

Originally posted by PeaPod

You dont want the cheap hooks & gear. It’s not really a deal. Go to haddrells. They’ll help you

Pea, I think he was refering to getting good quality, used fishing equipment at affordable prices… I have snagged some awesome deals on near new Penn reels, rods, etc at the flea market for pennies on the dollar. Can’t find these deals everytime I go, but they do exist…

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Got an Outerbanks 11’0" Surf-rod and a Jigging/Bottom Ugly stick and an Okuma Alumina AL55 already spooled with 65lb Power Pro line I’ll sell you for $175.00 Those should get you started with decent set-up for a budget price.

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