Help SFA ECFS do more research.......

I don’t know how many of you are aware of the groundwork that Southeastern Fisheries Association East Coast Fisheries Section does for ALL fishermen, but consider this.

Their efforts lead to an update of the Red Snapper stock assesment, and prevented the largest land grab of prime fishing grounds in the South Atlantic.

Their hiring of Dr Frank Hester, a very well respected fishermen and fishery scientist, showed that Science and Statistical Committee is operating under a directed agenda of a few people and not unbias scientific methods. His critizism of SEDAR 15 was laughed at and ignored, simply because the memebers of the SSC didn’t want to have to admit they were WRONG and didn’t do a good job REVIEWING the information contained by it.

Their continuing efforts has given other Fisheries oriented organizations facts and other related information that helps in lobbying elected officals to change the Manguson-Stevens Act of 2006.

This group is made up of fishermen of all backgrounds working together to ensure that you and I can enjoy the sustainable ocean we know and love, today and for future generations.

Please donate to their research cause today.

No amount is too small and every donation does makes a difference.

Thank You!