Help with trolling motor size

2002 Seafox 237 , question is correct way to measure for length, how much thrust do I need, and I’ve seen a slide mount and do you think it would work so I don’t have to cut railings? I’ll send pics of railing ( btw guessing loaded with 120 gallons of fuel twin 115”s and people , equipment etc let’s say 4500-5000 lbs )

I would recommend the longest available and one with most thrust. You need to consider tough conditions as well like King Tides and high wind with waves that would case the bow to lift the motor out of the water.

A Terrova 36V would be my guess, especially if you didn’t want to cut any of the bow railings. You’ll need the power and a longer shaft. The Terrovas deploy more “Out then down” (you push them forward) than a lot of TM’s that deploy with a T-rope handle and they go more “Up then down”, and would never get past those rails.

But here is the thing, with the step up I see on the gunnels (forward of the 3rd vertical bow brace) have you given any consideration on how would you get it to mount with the base?

Might be easier to just take out a section of bow rail between the supports and cap them off, that way you wouldn’t have to cover any holes in the gunnel.

Just a thought…

From what I can determine, you’ll need an 87" shaft.

Which seems to be the go to, for offshore fishing, on a bote your size.

As I see it, if an 87" shaft starts cavitating you know it’s time to head for the hill.

Also, I see there have been some issues on the Terrova’s, eating the aluminum gears, in the, self deploy, gearbox?

I don’t see much of an option, for mounting, other than the starboard bow, and cutting/capping the rail, without interfering with the windlass, and anchor rode?

Good Luck!!

I’ve been looking at all brands and thinking about this one… Garmin 90" Force Kraken Trolling Motor Bundle from the gps store. But I’m still researching everything with an open mind as the plus is it’s a garmin to go with the rest of garmin electronics but I’m sure there’s a minus somewhere about it?

It’s new tech, they’re trying to get into the Rhodan level market since everybody wants twin TM’s on their 42 Freeman these days

The whole market is going brushless which can’t be a bad thing

Nice that it interfaces with everything, cool that it runs at 24 or 36v depending on load, I’m always just a little leery of 1st Gen stuff but they’re not lacking in R&D funding…

Maybe somebody with more intel can chime in

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