Hendricks Park AKA Virginia Avenue Boat landing

BEWARE: Launched the boat right at daylight Saturday morning, came in around 1 PM, truck tool box lid had been pried open, misc. items from the tool box scattered around in bed of truck, took air compressor,and hand tools. I believe they would have taken more, however, they were probably spooked by other folk’s preparing to launch. Called North Chuck cops, haven’t heard from them.

It’s a pretty rough area. Had my truck broken into there last summer.

The few times I have used it I remove anything of value from my vehicle. Always been a problem there.

Key West 1720 115 HP Johnson Saltwater.

I stopped going there when they tried to steal my trailer.

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I still haven’t heard from the North Charleston police.

I had a buddy who had some stuff missing out of the bed of his pickup at this landing. Use to fish there regularly, not the best area.

I have been fishing out of there for 20 years, and have had nothing ever stolen, and none of my vehicles have been broken into either. I guess I am just lucky. And I do a lot of gigging out of there late at night.


Oyster Baron

NMFS = No More Fishing Season

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They see you get out of your truck, see how big you are and figure they’ll find a truck owned by a guy that can’t pound them.

“Apathy is the Glove into Which Evil Slips It’s Hand”, but really, who cares?

I have fished there for almost 30 years. Never had anything stolen, but I did have someone role up on me screaming at o’dark 30 with blood all over his white shirt. Scared the you no what out of me and he was lucky I didn’t shoot him. He had been at Club Dorchester, met a “nice girl” and went to the boat landing for snuggles. Well, said “nice girl” had two thugs in wait and they robbed him and stuck him in the neck. My buddy arrived by that time, took him to the emergency room and he survived. Good news is, based on the description of the car leaving the scene and the folks at Club “D”, they figured out who they were and arrested them. Just thought I’d share…I always carry there.