Her Smallest Crappie...ever.

We fished one of the ponds at Bonneau Ferry WMA this morning. Caught some Bass and Bream, and a few Crappie.

She wanted to take this one home and put it in an aquarium. :smiley:

I fished that pond back when it first opened to the public.There was some great fishing during that first year. I wish DNR would have managed it a little bit better. I kept a warmouth in an aquarium for a while,very entertaining.

Was our first time there. We caught a few 2 pound Bass, a nice Crappie and a few big Bream as well as some Dinks.

Spent a couple of hours driving around looking the place over for this Deer season after fishing, which was our main goal.

Be prepared for all other fish in aquarium to “disappear “. Fun as heck to watch when you putt in a bunch of feeder guppies or goldfish.

My youngest just moved out and took “her” horses with her. You and you daughter have more memory’s together than most parents from what you have shared with us all.

This Crappie was about 5 inches shy of the legal limit of 8 inches, to keep, so it had to go back.

Had a friend that had a couple of one pound Crappies in a 100 gallon aquarium. Those fish knew what a bag of Minnows was for. :smiley: