Here kitty kitty


I was thinking a momma and her litter, but at that size it may be just the litter? Four is a little rare with 2-3 the average. No matter that is a cool pic. Never seen that many in one spot. You need to borrow my AR-12 and take em all out at once. Got a couple 10 round mags, still waiting on my 25 shot drum mag.

Those things will decimate your turkeys. Deer not so much.

The one in front looks to be bigger by looking at the belly. I can only assume that’s the mom and she’s teaching them to hunt. If that’s true, it’s a really cool picture.

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I always wanted to make a pet out of one

Pretty rare I would think to catch 4 on camera.

Congress needs to ban High Capacity Assault Cats!!!

It’s for the children…

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Glad to see you all done started drinking,I believe I’ll have to build me a cocktail. I can take care of business 23 ,if need be,the bounty is a case of rock and rye.

There’s a case of Yuengling and a sleeve of fireballs in the cooler for the big trick-or-treaters, y’all come on

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I wish I lived close to you!

That is the best pics I’ve ever seen of Bobcats. I have several pics of singles, but one from about six weeks ago with an adult mom with a kit that was quite small. The birthing dates you mentioned seem to align with what you posted and my pic. Great info!

Healthy for sure. Perhaps it is the momma cat with three from last year. If so, they sure grow fast.

Great post!


I’ve been triggered! Someone please call Puto O’Rourke!!!

I think I’m good. :smile:

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Cool mount

Yes the mount looks very nice. Once when I was still hunting watching a live oak that was dropping acorns I saw a squirrel eating and suddenly a Bob cat fell off an overhanging limb and squirrel blood went everywhere. I wonder how long that cat watched me!