Here we go

Off and running.

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Good luck.
The weather looks like it will be nice.

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a three hour tour

I hope you fill that big cooler up

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Man, that didn’t take long. Looks like it’s going to be a good day.

Grouper redfish trout lizard fish and pinfish.

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She got her a slam.


Made the move to the jetties.See if we can get on some big reds.

Kind of bumpy

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I see you still have a headboat wish the Thunderstar was still in Charleston.

Miss the ride and comraderie, much fun.

We were going to cruise back into dunn sound and see what we can find.
But it was already getting crazy jet skis and boats everywhere.
Lost count we caught a bunch of small reds between 14 and 16 in.Couple trout a flounder 2 juvenile gags spots lizard fish toad fish. We had a smorgasbord going on.
This is the first time my granddaughter has ever fished in saltwater.
Good time…

Looking good!!

Looks like a fun day with a lot of variety.

There’s been a pretty good bite around Little River apparently. Of everything. Ive only been fishing off the neighborhood dock, but I’ve caught quite a variety of fish. Actually caught a huge whiting on a finger mullet!!

Looks like she had fun on her first trip, good job.