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Just kidding!:sunglasses:

So how about this weather?! What an amazing weekend. Got a lot done around the yard and even slipped in the river for some action. The River did not let us down! After we found some bait we trolled next to a pair of manatees easing around and they let us snap some cool pics, possibly the highlight of the day. Even though later on, watching the better half wrangle drag peelers out of the docks is hard to beat. We lost a couple good ones in the piles but she worked one out for a pic. The mid-slot fish wouldn’t leave me alone. We ended up with a 12 or so and 2 flattys that came up short. Water was 70 to 73 everywhere.

Now back to my lawn where I’m trying to get rid of this dollar weed and clover. Also had a little supervision laying some sod while the weeds die…


i’m still trying to get rid of Poa Annua. Its taking over the yard. weed and feed is “supposed” to knock it out…

Oh man my wife would have flipped if she’d have been able to see them manatee…
Would have made her week…

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Very cool. Manatees in Charleston in April…whooda thunk it?

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They got this new thing that just come out stump,it’s called round up ,it’ll kill the dollar weed and then you can disc it up and plant some crops.I wonder what manatee taste like,fried up on the river bank.haha I’m going down river to your fishing spots tomorrow because everything has been too big up my way.

Sman! Welcome back:+1: and I bet they taste like chicken but not willing to find out haha

I used the Scott’s Bonus S in January and again Easter weekend… it’s working on the broadleaf stuff but the crabgrass is unphased… a pest control friend saggests I go to this website and get what I need. I’ll start looking now I guess

Also did a bubble purge on my steering yesterday, she took 6 oz and tightened it right up!

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