Hey Folks, just gonna share this

Been going for a rough ride for awhile, but lost my loving bride and mother of an amazing son with two boys (grandsons to us)two weeks ago today.

I don’t mind sharing some of what happened.

UTI infection, second in a row. This one sepsis, but doing ok. Strong antibiotics and swelling in leg from fluid retention. Perform Ultrasound and blood clots found in leg. Install IVC filter to catch in the event of it breaking loose. They then begin administering blood thinner for obvious reasons.

After day 3 of blood thinners, Brain Bleed/Hemorage.

A lot of improvement after the bleed stopped (quit the Elequis) and going in the right direction planning for rehab. No paralysis, only some memory and speech issues, that were improving. She loved Elvis, and was at the point of being able to sing along with the words as we would play it on her phone. Have a video of it and soooo tough to watch.

I’m gonna leave it at that, but things took a change for the worse.

Ended up on ventilator, unresponsive. Had decisions to make, Y’all can fill in the blanks.

She was a proud and good Christian, so this brings peace.

Miss her,

God Bless your family!

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I’m sorry for your loss! Hang tough, and let’s know how you’re progressing through your grieving if you feel the need to…


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Prayers sent, and ongoing for you.

So very sorry for your loss and pain

You have my condolences.

A wife is a lot of things to a husband but most of all it’s that lifetime unbreakable bond forged in love.

All my best to you.

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Sorry to hear . Prayers

Truly sorry to hear that. I can only imagine what you guys are going thru.
Thanks for sharing such a private thing with us all here.
Take care of yourself & your family & if you need help we’re here.


God bless you brother.

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Sorry for your loss.

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Very Sorry to hear of your loss. Near similar experience with my wife last Christmas. Admitted to hospital with UTI, sepsis and low sodium. Hospitalist tried to get her sodium back up too fast and she ended up in congestive heart failure the day after Christmas. Discharged from hospital Jan 5 with very weak heart and low ejection rate. On Entresto. Been in a wheelchair since early last year from spinal cord issues.

God bless you. My prayers for you.

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Thank you for sharing- I hope it helps you through.

It may just be the internet, but I assure you I’m another real husband, father, son, and friend sending peace and empathy.

Very sorry for your loss, sir.

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Just wanna say a big thanks for all the thoughts and prayers. And Fripp, best wishes and prayers on your brides condition.

Also, without having been on here for quite awhile, once I started typing this OP, I got a text from Doug, Dfreedom asking how I was doing. What crazy timing, as I had text him and 23 Ricky awhile back about issues going on.

23 and D are just a couple of the many good people that keep this place going in the right direction.

Anyway, time for some tractor time(Therapy if you will) getting things right at the place where I started a Mulching thread awhile back.

Not the best with words but, Thanks again to all of you!

Wow man i’ll keep you and your family in my prayers.

Ditto on the prayers, and very sorry for certain.

Can’t ever imagine the true pain and sorrow there really.

May the good Lord give you peace.

My prayers are for your peace, I can’t imagine your loss.

man, I’m so sorry for your loss. Prayers for you and the family. I had wondered why we haven’t seen you post in a bit. Anything I can help with give me a call. Pm me if you need my number and just want to talk. I can’t remember a time in my life that I’ve lost so many I know. Want to just take a ride on a river we can do that, won’t even throw a line.