Hey guys, please be prepared!

With the upcoming Offshore Fishing rush, …

MOB out of N.C.Jeffrey Kale missing in North Carolina fishing trip offshore Oak Island

Last I heard, fellow fishermen found the bote, still trolling at 6mph?

Prayers for all involved, and hoping for the best!!

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Saw that the Coast Guard has resumed their search, too.

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We heard the pan-pan signal when out last Sunday. Coast Guard said he was wahoo fishing.

If by yourself and fall out of a boat trolling, who picks you up?

I prefer not to fish alone offshore.

Hoping for the best as well.

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Do you know if the pan-pan was hailed by the missing Captain, or the Coast Guard?

I had heard reports of the CG sending out an advisory to be on the look for a missing boat.

Nothing suggesting that the Captain made any sort of distress call.

The pan-pan we heard was from the Coast Guard, as you described.

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I can’t imagine being offshore by myself. Too much can go wrong.

Yep, things can turn into a Chinese Fire drill pretty quick, offshore, even with a crew.

Let alone by yourself.

I can’t imagine the thoughts going through your head, watching your boat disappear over the horizon?

With, or without, a PFD, and a PLB.

Sad that it always seems to take an incident like this to make us rethink our own preparedness, when heading Offshore.

We have all of the necessary equipment to head out there, but, honestly, I never wear a PFD.

I’m thinking of going to one of the self-inflating (Mustang) types of PFD, and attaching my PLB to it, to be worn the whole time Offshore?

My wife and I got the self-inflating PFD’s and wore them for a year until getting out of the habit. Really not a hassle to wear.

Will put actually wearing the PFD’s back on the checklist.


I’m thinking I’m gonna start wearing a jacket when alone and have my hand held vhf attached and reup my spot (it’s only like $11 bucks a month) and at least have it already attached to jacket also, I’ve got my garmin inreach mini 2 on boat but way I see it if it ain’t on u and u fall off it’s no good, this really hit home and woke me up on my stupidity when I’m offshore alone really hope for a good outcome for that fellow fishermen missing

Yes Sir, I used to wear the inflatable’s, back in my Bass Tournament days. A PFD was required by most tournament trails, while underway. It seemed second nature, never cumbersome.

Even saw few top finishers dq’d, as, they either failed a lie detector test, over whether they had the PFD on, at all times, while underway.

Or, if they answered honestly, and said no, they were dq’d for violating the tournament rules.


Mandatory for me. I got two babies at home that need their dad to come home. I wear my pfd like a terrified boot camp coastie.

Always heartbreaking when these cases land on my desk. Praying for the family.

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Let’s try to keep this thread going?

If nothing else, to try and prevent senseless tragedies.

This is soooo sad!

I see that Mustang has a hydrostatic device rather than the old style dissolved pill/bobbin that would cause inflate even while in boat locker due to humidity.

Just like at work, don’t get complacent…


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Here’s a YouTube link I found, for a DIY way to attach your PLB to a Mustang/inflatable type of vest.

My old buddy Chuck Sigman used to fish the IMPATIENCE, alone. He made a living commercially fishing king mackerel for 50 or so years.

IMO, an extended lanyard, to kill the outboards would be the best tool for solo fishing offshore. I believe that Cape Horn was equipped with outboards?

Great info on your video EF1!!

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Pics I saw, as he left port, showed twin outboards.

Extended lanyards is en excellent idea!

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Found this too, for those interested.

Get in the habit of attaching your kill switch to your life jacket. Pretend like they can’t exist without the other. Good practice.