Hey OTC, finally

Looks like you got it right…

Guess what Mixed, I just added a single wide next to the carport…


Good for you!

Keep rolling…

I thought you were against anything looking a “single wide”?
But, I may be wrong?

Is that recycled concrete for your ground cover?

Looks great to me, you do good work

Twin ponds is a very nice range.
But my opinion a little too strict.
The big thing is no rapid fire. They say 2 - 3 seconds between shots. And the rifle range you can only bench shoot.

I have shot steel for a long time. And have never had anything come back and hit me.
And I shoot as close as 10 yards with a pistol. As NN said it needs to be the proper steel and set up properly.
The steel will absorb the energy and you will find your bullet flattened out laying on the ground at the base of the target.
Did they ever open boggy Creek back up?

I’ll go on a limb and say Crush-n-run. You can wet that stuff down and use a packer and it will get close to cement. Packs really well. That’s the stuff the Quarries/cement plants use as a main ingredient to actually make Cement. That’s the stuff on most every Logging road around here.

Natureboy, if you are picking them up with a magnet, I’m not sure what kind of rounds you got. The True Armor piercers run a tungsten alloy encased core and are Non ferrous. I could see the stars aligning and it poke through 3. . I’ve had my 30-06 make it through 1" plate @ a 100yrds.

DoubleN, I wouldn’t be too scared of much at the 100 yard range, but 50 and closer, I would not use it. I’ve got steel reaction targets and the boy and I were pistol shooting at (.40). Had a piece of bullet casing graze my cheek at 30 yards from a ricochet. Just a tiny scratch, but still scary.

tell ya what, If I can ever get my hands on another warped or worn out saw disk I’ll donate it to you. My friend has one set up on a 1000yrd range. Has it hung between two telephone poles. You can really hear it ring the “gong”. It’s made of ar 500 and about 2" thick, ruffly 4’ diameter.

This is probably more rifle than you may use, but still …

Yes, agree. Stopped going there. It’s over-supervised for an experienced shooter; but given the huge growth of new gun owners-it’s necessary.
Nice facility, though

I have about 10 fmj rounds left. They are in a very old wood box and have a little rust. I have no idea how old.

Hey, Bay, thanks, but crusher run. Had to be careful with the bucket, no spotter, and a little rake work.

Hey, Fred, lol…until last few months I never realized it was called crusher run. Always referred to it like you, lol. Still do if speaking…Also, not concerned about These targets being safe. Got a bunch of great Safety Glasses on site, just in case. They actually have foam around back of lens frame with little vents for fogging.

Appreciate the offer on saw blade. Sheesh, 2" thick…

BUT, as OTC mentioned, the target tree with 5 flappers has been shot a lot (Pistol only) and only used at 10-12 yards. Nothing left at it’s feet other than bullet debris.

Glad I don’t have to drag it to the Yuchi WMA range anymore. Got some signs to post besides No Trespassing. Let me see if I can add a pic, lol.


You’ll need this sign too…

SECTION 31-18-60. Notification of proximity of shooting range.

Each county in this State in which there is an existing shooting range or in which a shooting range is established must prominently display a sign at a one-mile radius of each shooting range on all primary highways to notify the public that they are entering the area of a shooting range which shall bear the following inscription:

“Shooting Range Noise Area”

Sorry, couldn’t get pic to post?

Here it is.

Hey mixed, I heard some saying that there is talk of shutting down target practicing if neighbors complain and what you posted about the signs and such they can not do if your land has been grandfathered in as a shooting area. Nothing to do with hunting just repetitious target practice. Might be bunk. ??

Looks like yer good, if Range was in use prior to January 1 2000…

SECTION 31-18-30. Nuisance action.

(A) Except as provided in this subsection, a person may not maintain a nuisance action for noise against a shooting range, or the owners, operators, or users of the range, located in the vicinity of that person’s property if the shooting range was established as of the date the person acquired the property. If there is a substantial change in the use of the range after the person acquires the property, the person may maintain a nuisance action if the action is brought within three years from the beginning of the substantial change.

(B) A person who owns property in the vicinity of a shooting range that was established after the person acquired the property may maintain a nuisance action for noise against that shooting range, or the owners, operators, or users of the range, only if the action is brought within five years after establishment of the range or three years after a substantial change in use of the range.

(C) If there has been no shooting activity at a range for a period of three years, resumption of shooting is considered establishment of a new shooting range for purposes of this section. The three-year period shall be tolled if shooting activity ceases due to legal action against the shooting range or the owners, operators, or users of the shooting range.

HISTORY: 2000 Act No. 260, Section 1.

SECTION 31-18-40. Application of noise control ordinance.

(A) A county, municipal, or state noise control ordinance, rule, or regulation may not require or be applied to require a shooting range to limit or eliminate shooting activities that have occurred on a regular basis before January 1, 2000.

(B) A county, municipal, or state noise control ordinance, rule, or regulation may not be applied to a shooting range that was in compliance with a noise control ordinance as of the date of its establishment, provided there is no substantial change in the use of the range subsequent to its initial compliance.

(C) A county, municipal, or state noise control ordinance, rule, or regulation may not be applied to a shooting range that was in existence prior to the enactment of a noise control ordinance, rule, or regulation, provided there is no substantial change in the use of the range.

HISTORY: 2000 Act No. 260, Section 1.

SECTION 31-18-50. Local regulation of location and construction of new shooting range.

Except as otherwise provided in this chapter or the law of this State, this chapter does not prohibit a local government from regulating the location and construction of a new shooting range after the effective date of this chapter.

Not in SC. Very rural, and won’t be a war zone.


Turkeys up 2 to 0 vs possums today.

That’s a total of Turkeys up 16-0 with 14 coons…dogproof traps work well.

Yep! That’s a South Carolina statute I was quoting.

Good work on the Opossums!

Cool, always the possibility of complaints.

If so, will deal with them as they come. Closest place is roughly 500 yards away from range. The rest, much further.

Actually, I think the term range, implies something that it’s not…IMO…and can be taken out of context. Especially in this day and age…

Gotta help the turkeys out. Ga actually changed July 1st of this year to open season for trapping and hunting raccoons/possums to year round due to the damage they are causing to turkey populations. Nest raiders.

Good Luck!

I’m done here…