Hey OTC, finally

100 yard target, more up close to be put out…

Oh man I’m jealous.
That is sweet.

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Thanks, been busy and back is sore, haha

SWEET! :boom::+1:

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That almost looks too nice to shoot. What calibers is it rated for?

I would find the matching paint and touch it up after every session. Very nice looking setup. How thick are the plates?

Hey Doug, for rifle up to .30 caliber and not more than 3200 FPS. Not closer than 100 yards.

Pistol up to .44 magnum @ 25yards…will be using one of those target trees(different brand) setup closer I’ve had that has 5 targets that flip from side to side and pre angled to deflect debris downward.

NB, 3/8 " Steel made in USA, not Chy-Nah. And yes, gotta snag some paint.

Hope all are having a Happy Thanksgiving…


I suspect that the caliber & FPS restrictions are likely in place to protect the manufacturer from lawsuits arising from ricochet rounds. 3/8 steel plate would be difficult to penetrate. I have some 308 FMJ rounds that I would never fire at steel targets

Agree, NB. They have to go above and beyond with their disclaimers.


Also, that 308 FMJ should not be an issue. As long as it’s ONLY lead core…

This range is sloping downhill, it’s a guess, but probably 15ish’…@ 100.


I really don’t know if my rounds are lead core or not. I can pick them up with a magnet. I use them to shoot feral hogs. If I can line up 3 pigs 1 shot can kill them all

Very nice Glenn! Send us some live videos.

Magnet won’t stick to lead, copper or brass.

3 in one shot, lol. gotta be small thru the lungs. A big boars got a tough plate to crack in the shoulder.

It’s all about the shot tho!


Yep. I’ve only had it happen once. Takes a double lung on all 3. I have a few fmj s with me on the stand just in case

Yep! I was at the (Bellfast) SCDNR range back in February, sighting in my A-R, when, to our dismay, a guy sets up some steel targets, at around seventy yards.
Several Shooters complained, to no avail.

A few minutes later a .22 round ricochets, and hits a shooter, a few lanes down, just below his left eye.
After the Ass Kickin’ the guy with the steel targets was gone, but the targets were still there, and disposed of.

The twin ponds range is so nicely improved. They only all the use of the paper targets that they supply. Everyone is required to strictly follow safety rules Very nice facility. But it wasn’t always At one time there was all manner of trash on the range and old toilets , computers, televisions and all manner of garbage. Rotting watermelons pumpkins Disgusting. I saw a guy that was hit by a chip from a ceramic sink once but the worst was a guy that fashioned a target with a 12 ga shotgun shell taped up in the bulls eye. I left the range on that one!

I guess I’m missing the point, MN. Someone shows up with steel targets and a .22 ricochets.

Surely not a good thing, but what kind of steel target??

Lot’s of folks snag a piece of steel, not AR rated, and build there stuff with no regards to what couple happen.

Target not angled at correct angle, all dimpled up due to previous shots (again wrong steel), not being perpendicular when shooting, ammo, and more.

Dudes azz was kicked, and targets trashed…

Sorry, you started with Yep…


I was responding to NB’s reply about ricochets, from steel targets.

Nothing more…


Ceramic sink, but OK. Wanna hear from folks if they think I’m doing something unsafe. Carry on.

A few of us went to Beaver Dam range in SC last year and the folks there were safe. But the range, sheesh, crap everywhere.



Trash is everywhere!