High School Fishing Club Regained that 1st place like a boss - YS

So after last weekend her biggest got bumped to 4th, and was now tied at 1st place combined length overall. When i said after loading the boat up from saltwater, i suggested we make a fish stop until dark. Last hour of daylight went like this…fush on and repeat. She bumped ahead 5.5" overall and 1/4" longer than the opponent’s biggest!!! She was on fire and only lost 1 that would allow another cull to take place but she already culled 2 during this power hour! New PB Largemouth Bass for her as well which was a 4.5 lb. fat gal! Successful stop that’s for sure! Go Youngen Style Charters and hope to get that “W” after March 1st rolls over.

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That’s a hoss, way to go girl.

I love seeing your posts and pics. Good stuff

As good as it gets really, thanks for sharing

Thats awesome. I might have done better i school if there had been a fishing club.