High School Fishing Club - Youngen Style

Well i gave up my Birthday Weekend to be my youngen’s Uber driver and do some power pond hoppin’ for ol’ largemouth! So far as it stands right now she went from a no-name club member to a force to be reckoned with. She has until the end of the month before the tournament ends but she’s in 1st place!!! She lost around 8 fish pushing between 3-6 lbs. that just weren’t meant to be. Close to 15 fish that were on that got off as well that were between 1.5-2 lbs.
Fish Around 'n Find Out - YS


Fresh or salt my dad and I destroy in. Definitely a struggle for me but came back literally last 40 minutes of fishing. Next tournament is red fish once this one ends so hopefully ill take the W for that.


That’s awesome stuff!!! really looks like fun. I love yall’s posts. good luck over the next month.

Dem boyz don’t stand a chance! Hold it to em too! :muscle:

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