High tide, redfish galore, and crazy low tide

Hit a popular spot just north of Mt Pleasant yesterday to do a little bit of falling tide fishing before I jumped on the honey do list.
I launched a little before 8 hoing that there would be enough water to take a walk in the grass for tailing reds. The water came up, and up… close but not quite into the spartina grass. I jumped a few cruisers in the tall grass, but never saw any tails waving. Didn’t take long to head out of the grass and work the submerged oyster mounds.

I hit one of my favorite mud flats and tossed out a live finger mullet on a Carollina rig to soak while I threw the Z-Man Scented Shrimpz under a popping cork on the other rod. Well I learned something new today. Stingrays FREAKIN LOVE Z-Man Scented ShrimpZ. :stuck_out_tongue: I’d cast to a big swirl and jumping bait, the cork would start moving sideways and I’d have a stingray. The flat was loaded with them.

After catching a few “georgetown flounder” I moseyed on over to another flat with a nice grass edge. The water started coming out of the grass and something was zipping around destroying bait. Shrimp and mullet were jumping like crazy and there were these silver flashes in the water and huge swirls. Hmmmm, either blues a little earlier than normal or ladyfish… might as well find out. I tossed the shrimpz into a melee, gave it a pop, and the acrobatics began - ladyfish. There was a school of ladys ripping around in front of the creek mouth, so I grabbed a little tpwater bait and had fun until the water dropped a bit more and they bugged out.

By now the tops of oysters are staring to show and I see blue tinged tails pop up right in front of the yak. Toss a shrimpz his way, pop, pop, pop, wait, BAM! FISH ON. He made one blistering run and spit the hook.

About a minute later the tails pop back up and I tossed teh shrimpz over there again. pop, pop, pop, wait. pop,pop BAM Fish on. 5 runs later a nice fat 32" red joins me in the yak.

That’s when I looked around and noticed a school of about 50 reds in the 30" class k

The good the bad and the ugly! Doooweeoooweeeoooooo La LA la…

Gotta watch that negative tide…it almost got the best of me yesterday as well…had to get out and drag the boat a couple of times. Had an incredible day of fishing though.


I guess you have to take the good with the bad. At least you caught some fish. We almost got stuck, motor ran crappy (yep wouldn’t have happened on a yak) and we caught nothing. Wife did get to crab so at least she was happy. I will get some crab rice tonight so that will help a little. I guess when you are forced to sit and wait for water you have a lot of time for reflection huh?

I had time to write rough drafts for a couple of upcoming magazine articles.

7 of these in 15 minutes made it worth it.

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Oh well, hoping to get my motor squared away and head back down next weekend. Maybe the bite will still be on. Never seen so much bait. May bring the yak down Friday for some solo fishing if I can get some stuff at work done before then.

Nice catching. I am ready for a trip down.

If you’re lucky enough to be fishing, you’re lucky enough.

Great report. Thanks for posting. Glad to see getting pluffed happens to the pros too.

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I was out on the home waters yesterday for the falling tide. Got 3-30" class to the yak. One break off. All 4 hit like a freight train. Once out of the grass, they all made a run for open water. Had to pull in the rest of the gear every time as they all spun me 360 degrees. 1 Stingray and a 3+ foot blacktip and called it day.
Almost got stuck out there myself, tons of movement as I was paddling back. Almost had to do the last few yards in the pluff.

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congrats tommy!!!

u broke your cherry!!! :slight_smile:

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good read TB.

Now that is a healthy looking redfish. Glad to hear the battery on the ol’ blackberry held up while you were high and dry.

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Jordan, OI got lucky and didn’t drop it or get it drenched either. You’ve witnessed the demise of what, 2 or 3 blackberries while we’ve been out.

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