Yesterday was the wife’s birthday. Slipped out of work early come home and cooked dinner.

Then took her to hollywild to look at the lights and to play with the animals.
Now she wants a pair of yaks for pets.
She says they only eat less than 1% of their body weight per day compared too cows which are 3%.
Their poop does not stink. There appears to be a market for it. People buy and burn it. WTH?? There fur/hair is very expensive and desirable. There is a market for their milk and butter. Much higher vitamins and protein than cows milk.
They’re very sociable friendly trainable animals.
She says we can get a breeding pair for around 5 to $6,000
I think my wife has lost her mind…

That sounds yaking crazy to me.

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Man, the things you learn on this forum. That meal looks good.

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A friend of mine was into the “exotic” animal raising thing. Ostridge, emu, Alpaca, and beefalo. Never a Yak. His problem was finding a steady source for sale of meat, it was a fad that faded out IMO. When the medical community was labeling coffee, eggs, pork, beef and many other things heart killers and cancer causers, many flocked to alternative “healthy” foods. What the Government and Doctors should have done was stress limited portions and exercise, not abstinence. It seems the simple fact of family history and genetics don’t want to be discussed as something that as of yet can not be beat only watched closely and cared for as best as possible. Guess you gotta put the pull of Big Pharma in this as well as they make Trillions on unneeded medications if people (like myself) would do things in moderation.

OTC, I just spent two cups of coffee on Yak Googling. Pretty neat animals, I don’t think they would tolerate our summer heat too well though. You steak pic made me walk down to the shed and pick out a couple of steaks and venison tenderloins. I was always an outside griller for steaks, but lately I’ve been doing the pan thing too. I love me some KerryGold butter and a bed of onions like you did. I cut the wifes into thin strips so I know hers has no pink in it… Mine not so much, I like a slightly warm red center with an outside crust.

So, a steak in a cast iron skillet is good? Better than grilling? I ask because Publix just had standing rib roasts on sale for $6.97/lb. We bought 2 and had them cut into some beautiful ribeyes. Waiting for our oldest son to come home to have Xmas steaks,

"Apathy is the Glove into Which Evil Slips It's Hand", but really, who cares?

Yes sir. Only problem for me, you need a good exhaust fan. I like using butter, but it does tend to smoke a lot. Just keep it simple. I’ll use a little bit of olive oil and rub all over steak, salt, pepper and garlic powder. Cut up some onions and a BIG chunk of butter, medium heat till onions soften the turn it up and add steak, depending on thickness and how you like yours will be your guess and experiment. :smiley: I like a think steak 1"-11/2" and three minuets on each side. Medium rare for me.

You tube it and you can spend the rest of the day watching so many different methods… Good Luck!

If you have any mash potatoes left over, after you have cooked your steak, make them into patties and pan fry them until brown on both sides… good stuff.

Haven’t had mashed potato patties in years. I see them being on the supper plate this week…

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