Hoo, Tuna, and Trash 04/10/2017

Ventured out bright and early Sunday morning in hopes of catching a few fish.

Started out at 150 pulling baits and a few lures, caught a Blackfin early and a Kingfish. We weren’t planning on stopping but had a temperature break. After that it was quiet for a while, we pushed deeper and we found a weedline in 550, with another temperature break and TONS of flyers, we could of put a cast net around them but we didn’t have one on the boat. We picked up two WEEHoos off the weedline and hooked 1 dolphin which shook the hook at the boat we then pushed back in shallow again to high speed to finish our day.

Threw the gear out immediately after putting a reel in strike with a YoZuri Bonita it got HAMMERED, got the fish halfway to the boat and it spit the hook. A touch later another reel started screaming, get the fish to the boat and its an Amberjack, he had chomped on a San Sal Candy. After that we went home.

All in all an awesome day.

Tacos tonight for dinner.

thanks for report