Hookin on Trout - 12/27/2021

Went out after Christmas with my kids and father in law.

Landed a few trout to keep for dinner that night, but all others released. The morning incoming tide was great, but the bite turned off for us after the tide change, and the wind picked up also, which made casting no fun. Water temps were around 57 degrees.
We caught on mudminnows(live), zman paddletails (various colors), and berkeley swimming mullet (white/chartreuse


I don’t get to fish much when i take the kids out; i’m busy replacing jigheads and grabbing mud minnows :smiley:

Lexi - 2 keeper trout
Beckett - 2 keeper trout
Father in law 1 keeper trout

Summary of us:

I’ve fished freshwater when I was a kid on the lake, but recently got into saltwater fishing. My daughter is currently getting into it also (11 yrs old). So we try to go out whenever we get the chance. We’re learning along the way, and recording what we can. In a tech world, this is a great way to keep them interested in fishing, while she also is learning about the videoing, and editing of the videos. We’re not professionals by any means, but learning all we can.

If you’d like to subscribe to us, thanks. We are on IG also as rodbentfishing. We decided to go with that because her uncle always yells that to be funny when we fish, so its caught on now with her.

Thanks for the report. Nice condensed vid too. Way to train them early and properly! Good stuff:+1:

Fishing Nerd

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…well, some fishing too!

dude my daughter is getting into a lot, which is great for some good dad/daughter time. She picked up quick on casting, putting her own artificials on the jig. I’m working on helping her learn how to tie knots next.

What’s going to be great is when she’s showing up all the boys fishing!

Great job; keep it up!

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