Horlbeck Creek Local Knowledge

Good morning everyone.

Going to make a run up to Horlbeck Creek this weekend to look for new spots. Mostly curious what is back there. Any local knowledge I should consider as a navigate as far back as the Brickyard ramp or beyond? Don’t have to give up any spots, just things to look out for.

Thanks - Dexter

Shallow at the mouth on the left side.

The creek breaks off to Boone hall creek . I had some luck in boone hall creek by boone hall

When you can hear the cows a mooing,you’re getting close to the spot.Old man Detyens showed me a helluva good drop back there.Been awhile since I was up there but I’m sure they’re still in there.Traffic is too bad for me nowadays.

Appreciate the info. I did not make it back to find the cows, but noted the shallow area around the mouth. Plenty of Sunday traffic at that time.

I also checked for bait in Hobcaw Creek Sunday AM. There is a nice 10’ hole on the other side of the first sandbar where I marked some bait and probably trout. Too hot and gusty to cast there.